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Statement of Need: World in Crisis - We want Peace!

Peace is a broad notion, and generally invokes positive connotations. The preservation of basic needs for all humans is appreciated by nearly all cultures worldwide, giving us a common interest that transcends borders.

Unfortunately, mass suffering in our world has increased astronomically with the augmentation of acts of mass violence, the mind-boggling “innovations” in weapons technology, on-going environmental degradation, and the violent imagery pervading the world’s cultures. Thus, the need for more peaceful conditions is growing (easily agreeable) globally and a visible response is being mounted.

Regardless, most people directly or indirectly support the subsistence of direct, structural and cultural violence. At the pace we are going, we are digressing at a catastrophic rate – “the world is in crisis”.

As we come to understand the existence and dynamics of a global civil society, we can see that actions for peace are abundant and supported in all the world’s cultures. These actions are now gaining momentum through recognition and synergy. The PIA network is specifically created to further this momentum.

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