The creation of Peace in Action (PIA) was initially realized by now alumni of the UNESCO Masters Program of Peace and Development Studies in Castellòn, Spain.

At the time when PIA was legally founded as a non-profit organization in summer 2003, the initial group had already developed into a network of interested and active individuals, colleagues and friends from different cultural and professional backgrounds that committed to work on Peace in Action.

Today PIA is a vivid international and multicultural network with its virtual home base in the World Wide Web and its current main operational office in Vienna, Austria.


The ‘Birth’ of PIA

In January of 2003 the 5 initial founding partners of Peace in Action met for the first time in Castellòn, Spain while pursuing their Masters degrees at the UNESCO Peace and Development Studies program at the Universitat de Jaume I. Despite distinct cultural and professional backgrounds, a common need was recognized among the partners for a more action-oriented approach to peace and development studies. This need was further highlighted by the pending war in Iraq and the call for mobilization of the global community.

In spring 2003 Peace in Action partners participated in organizing pro-peace demonstrations, academic debates and media briefings regarding their opposition to the war. These various activities led to the idea of creating a network dedicated to encouraging innovative, culturally relevant and community-based responses to ever-present challenges in the field.

The founders of Peace in Action learned that the value of peace and development studies can only be fully realized through active participation, observation and hands-on learning in conjunction with academic knowledge, research and philosophy.

Peace in Action was formed as an informal action group in March 2003. The “Global Peace Camp” was the first project initiative presented by Peace in Action.

PIA goes to Austria

In the hot summer of 2003 Peace in Action was officially and legally established as a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Austria, a neutral country in the heart of Europe. Peace in Action, now with a homebase in Vienna, has grown to include a new group of multi-cultural and multi-talented individuals from around the world and has continued its efforts by developing initiatives such as “Pieces of Peace”, and “People in Motion” and PIA is collaborating with organizations doing development work around the world including 2B (Peru/Austria) and NFD-CHR (Kenya). See “Peace in Development” for more information on these and other projects.

First General Assembly: 23rd of September 2003

On the 23rd of September 2003 the PIA partners met for the first General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. Some active members undertook an adventurous journey to attend the reunion and meet new colleagues. The PIA board was elected and the statutes approved.


Now PIA has the resources to creatively and actively put peace into action!

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