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Aims & Means

The following aims and means have been taken directly from the PIA statutes.

As you will see, our aims and means have been framed in the broadest sense possible, in order to leave potential for further growth and the development of the PIA network in coming years. Nonetheless, principles such as non-violence, gender balance, creative-approaches etc. have been explicitly incorporated our legal framework and underlying the work we do.


Peace in Action is a non-profit organization for public benefit, which is aimed towards:

The formation of a global network of people and initiatives, which are dedicated to promoting a culture of peace;
The promotion of a greater understanding of development through empowerment, development work and motivation to discuss development issues;
To promote intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange;
To promote dialogical processes and understanding for individual and collective differences;
To create a vivid connection between science and practice.


The organization will reach its means by remaining committed to the principles of non-violence, dialogue and diversity. Furthermore, the organization will function independent from political parties and confessions.

The following means will be applied:

The development and promotion of non-violent conflict transformation;
The creation of conditions of peace and an awareness for active peace organization;
The development and introduction of new and creative methods in the fields of peace, development and intercultural work;
The drafting, promotion and execution of educational processes;
The drafting, promotion and execution of cultural, scientific, artistic-creative, educational and social events;
Training in the field of transforming community, inter-cultural and international conflicts;
Consulting in the field of peace and development;
Providing psychological, socio-pedagogical assistance and counseling in conflict areas;
The support and application of women specific viewpoints and approaches;
The active use of public space.

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