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The Children's Peace Treasury has been developed to motivate and inspire children, parents and teachers to learn more about peace, to create momentum for peace education and to network children around the world through the exchange of ideas, beliefs, creativity and shared experiences.

Storytelling is a powerful educational medium, which helps to relay ideas, beliefs and values in a fun and interesting way. Storytelling helps children and young people to clarify their ideas, build creativity and connect with others. This technique has been used for centuries and exists in nearly every culture around the world. For this reason, it provides a culturally relevant tool, as well as a sustainable method for eliciting and transmitting ideas about peace from children to children around the world.

The Children’s Peace Treasury is one way to promote children’s participation in peace-building, while simultaneously raising awareness about the existence of non-peaceful relationships between people and nations. The project will be used as a tool to teach children about the perceptions, values, beliefs and attitudes of other cultures and individuals. It is expected that this activity will promote a fun and educational experience for young people as well as a pleasant introduction to the topic of peace.

• To introduce the concept of peace and peace pedagogy to educational institutions, teachers, parents and students around the world.
• To provide children and young adults with the opportunity to explore what “peace” means to them through a fun and creative outlet.
• To empower all participants to actively engage in building peace. To build self-confidence and interest in future activities aimed at promoting cultures of peace.
• To raise awareness and foster the understanding that individuals of all ages can have a tremendous impact in creating momentum for peace and peaceful change.

YOU TOO CAN BE A PART OF THIS! We want the voices, ideas, and visions of children from different cultures to be heard and acknowledged.


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