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Lena Freimueller


Professions: clinical psychologist (MA. in psychology, Vienna & New York), peace worker & educator (MA. in peace & development studies, UNESCO Chair, Castelló, Spain), lecturer & trainer, project manager

Location: Vienna and Klagenfurt, Austria and Cologne, Germany

Current Role in PIA!:
I supervise and co-develop the project-branches “Art of Peace” and “Pieces of Peace” (peace education).

As a board member I am responsible for the development and functioning of the organisation resulting in tasks such as international networking, peace research and academic writing, PR and administration as well as creating new projects and advancing PIAs vision.

Background in PIA!:
I had an initiative role in founding and developing PIA through bringing together people and visions, defining the mission and serving as a founding president of the network.

To work with the organisation - a highly motivated, bright and inspiring group of international “peace jokers” - has become an integral part of my professional and personal development, a constant challenge for my leisure time as well as a great pleasure and passion.

Other Professional Roles:
My clinical psychological work focuses on empowerment concepts for people who have experienced psychosis (schizophrenia). I work in cooperation with a large university clinic in Germany and self-help-initiatives, developing and facilitating interactive educational programs for social inclusion and against the stigmatisation and discrimination of people with mental health problems.
Lecturing at different universities and developing peace games are further areas of work.
I love, practice and promote art (e.g. as a member of the artist group “the real sissies”)

Current research interest:
Contemporary art and activism
Creative and humorous empowerment strategies for social change and inclusion

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