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A T-Shirt Which You Never Want to Receive

PIA and CMF Studios got shortlisted at Cannes Lion 2009!

We've all seen T-Shirts like "My parents went to Bali and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". Pretty funny, but this time the very same concept was used as an awareness raising tool in a very different context. Below is a sample of the T-shirt and letter which were sent to mothers by PIA, whose sons soon will be called to duty in the Austrian army.

There are two alternatives in Austria: Obligatory army duty, or the alternative - peaceful civilian service.

PIA is campaigning for mothers, to help their sons to choose that second, alternative way. We believe that every mother who got this T-shirt put a lot of energy convincing their sons to choose the peaceful services.

In Austria, young men at the age of 17 have to choose, whether they join the army or the civilian service. PIA wanted these young men to make their decision for the civilian services - because PIA encourages every peacemaking action.

An assignment abroad is no holiday. By sending a kind of souvenir-shirt with a double meaning statement - "My son went to Chad. And all I got was this bloody T-shirt!" - we could show quite direct what an engagement in the army could result in the worst case: Being killed abroad. The alternative: Apply now and join civilian services. Sending this direct mail a few days before the call into the army to the young men's mothers seemed as a great idea, because no one worries that much about the boys' lives! In Austria, PIA pleads for civilian service instead of joining the army.

If you choose the army, you run the risk of being involved in foreign assignments in war. Because in 2008 Austria ran the first assignment in Chad, we wanted to show them quite plainly the risk of being a soldier. And that foreign assignments aren't holidays abroad but a high risk and grave danger for every one who joins the army!

Advertising Agency: CMF studios Wien-Hamburg, London
Creative Directors: Andreas Spielvogel, Thomas Tatzl

Cannes Lions 2009 - PIA gets SHORTLISTED!

PIA and CMF studios' campaign was shortlisted at the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival!

Our campaign has been chosen from over 22,000 entries to the festival. PIA celebrated this success together with the CMF Team at the 'Yes we Cannes' Cannes Rolle 2009 in Vienna.

Stefan Wanner, Alice Uhl (PIA), Thomas Tatzl (CMF)

A big Thank You to Thomas and Andreas from CMF for making all this possible!

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