Background and history in PIA!: Intrigued by the idea to launch an international network for peace, development and intercultural relations I immediately decided to join PIA and contribute my time to help getting PIA started and working. Throughout the years I got to learn a lot about peace, different peace concepts and non-violent strategies for conflict transformation, peace journalism as well as organisational development. My work for PIA is and always has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. Also, PIA allows me to meet interesting, highly motivated and dedicated people from all over the world and to learn and learn and… So, for a few years now, PIA has been part of my life - a part I do not want to miss!

Current Role in PIA!: As one of the founding members I have the honour to be PIAs president for four years now. Together with the other PIA-members I had the chance to be one of those who have shaped the development of the network and keeping people and projects together. One focus of my work is PR as well as finding new networking-partners and co-creating new projects. I also represent PIA to interested groups and people.

Profession: I work for Austria’s biggest NGO, currently improving and leading the youth organisation branch. In the past I have worked as a journalist, NGO-PR-specialist, writer, fundraiser, I gained experienced as a project manager for art projects (theatre, performance, dance), event manager and lecturer.

Location:Vienna and Klagenfurt, Austria

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