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environmental economist (studies in Innsbruck, Maastricht), international climate change, academic research, senior lecturer, project management

Current Role in PIA!:
After being four years responsible for the management of the finances I am now PIA’s vice treasurer.
As a board member I am responsible for the development of the organisational structure of PIA!, I maintain administrative and financial duties, and support the network in decision making processes as well as in developing creative projects.
From the beginning of being a member of PIA! I was looking to combine peace theories with economic theories like environmental and developing economics. Keeping this focus in mind and becoming more and more familiar with peace theory, my motivation to offer my experience and knowledge did not diminish over the past years.

Background in PIA!:
I am active member of PIA! since January 2004. The concept of the network, the highly academic discussions within this attractive mixture of “Peace Joker” and the creative ideas of communicating peaceful solutions to the public, encourage my identification with the network.
I was a vivid part during the process of organisational restructuring the network and developing a supportive communication strategy for the organisation. I am highly motivated to provide the network with my knowledge in project management and look forward to new professional projects in the near future.

Other Professional Roles:
After my studies I was project manager for an international climate change project. The focal point of the project was to develop a common strategy for 4 countries in central Europe to reduce green house gases cross-border.
Subsequently, I am working at the department of sustainable development at the University of Agriculture in Vienna. Among conducting research studies and writing scientific papers I am senior lecturer in the fields of “Project management” and “Environmental Economics”.

Current research interest:
Combining environmental with developing economics as a way to encourage peace in our world.

Location: Vienna

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