Work together!

PIA distinguishes a network as the optimum form for functionally serving its mission.
The PIA network aspires to strengthen, connect and synchronize the actions of members who find PIA’s principles congruent with their aims.
The PIA network is a medium for motivating and applying progressive, dynamic and creative strategies for peace at the direct, structural and cultural levels.

The function of this network is subject to the interplay, communication, competence and capacity of its members and partners. The network structure is deliberately composed as a flat and transparent organisational form, decentralized and pluralist in nature. Our operations are governed by a commitment to democratic decision-making, non-violence, and creativity. It is important to stress the diversity within PIA; this means that members and/or networking partners may not necessarily agree in all respects, nor does it mean that inclusion through membership is an absolute necessity. PIA also desires collaborations with other peace actors who support these aims but prefer to be in loose cooperation not membership with PIA.


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